Discipline inspection cadres replace learning with lectures

Recently, our company's disciplinary inspection cadres are recording a series of micro lessons on the newly revised "Regulations on Disciplinary Punishments of the Communist Party of China". Since the launch of party-wide party discipline learning and education, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection has launched a series of 50 micro-courses on the newly revised "Regulations on Disciplinary Punishment of the Communist Party of China", with 50 discipline inspection cadres as lecturers, accounting for 68% of all full-time and part-time discipline inspection cadres. After receiving the teaching task, the disciplinary inspection cadres immediately devoted themselves to intense preparation of lessons. They read a large number of professional books and consulted a large amount of learning materials. They carefully considered every word and sentence and deliberated over and over again. They truly achieved the goal of teaching from learning, learning from teaching, and leading learning through teaching. , Use learning to promote hard work.